Welcome to the K96 Winery! The K96 Winery is a small family winery whose owners, George (father) and Thomas and Lukáš (sons), have set themselves the goal of producing top-quality wines that are typical of the Znojmo region. Our motto is: “From wine lovers, for wine lovers”.


At Konice we build on the experience that we gained in the heart of Riesling country, the German Pfalz region, where we started making wine in 1978.

The easily manageable size of our winery (about 1.5 hectares of our own vineyards) – and the fact that we process only our own grapes – allows us to devote to the vineyards and the produce in our cellars the level of care that great wines require – professionally and with close attention to detail.

The philosophy of our winery

As far as quality is concerned, we set ourselves the highest standards: By handpicking our own grapes (grown in one of the foremost vineyard areas), insisting on a reduced number of bunches per vine (and thus, low yields per hectare), and ensuring high grape juice sugar levels, we make certain that our wines meet the quality criteria of the best global wines (Großes Gewächs, Smaragd, Grand Cru).


We adhere to the principles of an integrated, biologically organic winery – and not simply for our own self-satisfaction. Where possible, we maintain the characteristic terroir in a state of harmony with nature and we are uncompromising advocates of this approach. But where the latest methods in oenology, modern agriculture and cellar technology can aid our efforts to create outstanding wines, then we make no apologies for exploiting them.

These principles have a common goal: to produce wine that will bring the greatest joy both to ourselves and to you, our customers!


Varieties typical of our region form a substantial part of our assortment: Riesling, Grüner Veltliner and Sauvignon Blanc. These varieties are supplemented by St. Laurent – which is used to produce a single variety rosé – as well as Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer. Following a recent expansion, we have planted seedlings that are in each case taken from the original region (Riesling from Pfalz in Germany, Grüner Veltliner from Weinviertel in Austria, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay from the Loire Valley in France, and Gewürztraminer from the Tyrol region of Italy.

Our wines are almost all dry wines, so the timing of our grape harvest is closely based on achieving optimum sugar content – this is key to the creation of premium quality dry wines. We recommend that our wines be drunk when they are still young, when their “minerality”, delicate acidic balance and freshness are at their best.


Our vineyards are located in the Znojmo viticulture subregion of Moravia – specifically, the vineyard area of Kraví hora (Starý kopec, or Old Hill, on older maps) within the vineyard municipality of Konice-Znojmo. Our terraces face from north-east to south-west, sloping downwards from a height of 285 metres to 250 metres above sea level, enjoying sunlight from morning to evening.


The local micro-climate is characterised by long hours of sunlight (about 1,900 hours per year), hot summers (as many as 10 “tropical days” per year), cold winters (10 sub-zero days per year) and relative dryness (less than 500 millimetres of precipitation per year). The soils are mostly sandy to loamy-sandy and promote the acidity-accentuated character of the wines.


The grapes we use to make our wines are collected and sorted by hand. The crushing of the grapes and the (relatively brief) storage of the resultant mash in vats is followed by low-pressure pressing, a method that reduces any bitter tones in the must. After the must is purified, it is pumped into stainless steel vats in the cellar, to promote freshness and trouble-free fermentation.


Work in the cellar depends on the requirements of the particular year and variety. Sometimes, this consists of spontaneous fermentation, involving the lengthy retention of the yeast cells; at other times, the must is cooled, purified and fermented at a controlled temperature. These procedures are tailored to meet our requirements for creating top-quality wines. We almost always try to reduce the use of sulphur as much as possible through the early filtration and purification of the must and wine in order to remove proteins.

The winery estate

The K 96 Winery is located in the small viticulture municipality of Konice (which was known as “Deutschkonitz” before 1945 and is now part of the city of Znojmo), within the Kraví hora and Pod lesem vineyard areas, whose historical records go back as far as 1278. The name of our winery is derived from our address, Konice 96.


When George bought the homestead at this address it was in a dilapidated condition. Between 2008 and 2012, he had it practically demolished and rebuilt according to the original floor plan, retaining the appearance it would have had in 1713. The extensive, branched corridors of the cellars, located at a depth of 10 metres below the surface, have a year-round temperature of between 10oC and 11oC. On the sandstone walls are carved the names of former owners (e.g. Ruprecht Fastenbauer, 1737) and, for example, visitors from the time of the Napoleonic campaigns in 1805 and 1809.

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